SpaceX Market.

SpaceX Market Cap 100 billion $USD.

IPX Providing Telemetry Support for SpaceX Falcon Program. 
IPX was chosen by SpaceX as a Local Partner in Africa to support Dragon.

Dragon was launched on its first operational CRS flight on 8 October 2012, and completed the mission successfully on 28 October 2012. NASA initially contracted SpaceX for 12 operational missions, and later extended the CRS contract with 8 more flights, bringing the total to 20 launches until 2019.

Telemetry Support for SpaceX Falcon Program

The SpaceX Falcon 9 Program started with IPX as the local support in Gabon for one leg of the 3 leg tracking of the rocket.

First leg was with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the final leg from New Zealand.

IPX AFRICA HQ in Port Gentil Gabon, provides IPX fiber, VSAT as redundant backup, links to IPX Data Center, Local Support Personnel, and VSAT Rooftop for supplying a 7x24x365 Support Model for Falcon launches.

The IPX broadband network for SpaceX Equipment, will download and link SpaceX telemetry data from the Space-X Falcon 9 rocket and the Crew Dragon spacecraft. USA monitor Falcon Rocket from Liftoff to halfway across the Atlantic. Then the IPX Gabon facility will pick up the signal and then hand it off halfway across the Indian Ocean.

During the NASA Program IPX provided both telemetry and tracking support broadband through critical times, for the Dragon Mission.
IPX was proud to provide this vital SpaceX Partner Support for Africa SpaceX operations.
Partner support for the for Dragon Missions

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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