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Sustainable Smart Buildings

Spartan Buildings created by IPXCOM is a systems integration and technology consulting company that aims to help solve sustainability challenges.

Spartan Buildings by IPXCOM

Lets Build the Future

Spartan Buildings is a systems integration and technology consulting company that aims to help solve sustainability challenges. We deliver smart building technologies, with the objective to apply the most modern smart building concepts and net zero energy innovations towards LEED Certification.

We put our system design team to work to define all aspects of the project functionality for each room or area. An extensive set of project drawings are created that show graphically.

Smart Systems to Build you a Smart Buildings

We are a team of architects, earth scientists, engineers, environmentalists, and former home builders committed to providing homeowners and builders with a new model to create sustainable, durable, and healthier buildings.

Our goal is to teach you about the LEED process and sustainable building techniques in a painless, enjoyable way using an
easy-to-navigate portal.

We will outline green building techniques and products and provide a LEED building guide to help you make the right choices; for example, choosing the right building lot, tips for designing your home, and how to maintain healthy indoor air quality. The final results will allow you to paint and furnish your home.

We assemble outstanding teams of leading experts who work seamlessly across disciplines to help you achieve extraordinary results.

About Spartan Buildings

Spartan Buildings was created by IPXCOM*, an international provider of information technology and communication solutions with over 20 years of trusted service. As such, we are driven by a shared ethos of helping clients advance their missions. This sense of duty comes from within the IPXCOM culture and its experience of delivering multi-million dollar solutions that span 10-year contracts or one project at a time.

Motivated by this shared ethos, your building objectives will become our mission. We trust that you can depend on Spartan Buildings to be a dedicated extension of your building team.

We collaborate with you on all aspects of the building envelope by assembling a team of leading experts from across disciplines to help you achieve energy saving, and sustainable results. Our team brings expertise in :
  • Building sciences
  • LEED certification
  • Building automation using management information systems
  • Alternative energy
  • Applications
  • Water harvesting
  • Safety, security, and resilience

Green home certifications

Building Certifications

Green home certifications serve many purposes and have value for homeowners, builders, buyers and society in general. Those that reach home certifications are assured a higher quality home. And it ensures there is third party verification of the work being carried out by builders. Upon resale, homes that carry certifications have increased value.

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