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Altigen's CoreInteract

CoreInteract is a complete Enterprise Customer Engagement platform designed for Microsoft Teams Phone System.

The modern workplace requires more than basic PBX voice service.

Many customers want to communicate using their preferred channel whether it’s voice, email, SMS, web chat, IP fax, or social media.

Voice for Microsoft Teams

Cloud Based collaboration and communication solutions.

Let Microsoft’s suite of productivity solutions deliver low CAPEX and flexible OPEX costs to allow you to completely streamline your business functions. For the low price of $4.00 per month your employees will have the Enterprise Email, Teams, High Security for all your correspondences. 

Cell Centers and Voice Over IP

IPX has installed Call Centers for Enterprise Customers.

IPXCOM sold and installed to our local partners, Altigen’s Call Center Products.

IPX Installs Lagos State Data Center Servers and Security Equipment.

IPX manages the entire process from initial planning through deployment, training, and support for partners and customers.

Cloud Based Solutions

IPXCOM will install and support one platform, that will help your organization be successful with Microsoft Teams and supercharge your contact center and phone systems.

New innovations with Teams with problem solving workflows, work to create a more open, digital environment that makes work organized, integrated, and accessible by all chosen employees, workgroups, and or customers.

Telecom & Fiber Supply

IPX was founded in 2001 with it’s roots in Advanced Telecommunications Projects.

IPX has made it our business to help other businesses adopt or enhance technology to improve communications that serve their customers better and increase profitability. IPX provides the highest quality VSAT systems and engineering to achieve the best in satellite communications.

Smart / Green Buildings

We put our system design team to work to define all aspects of the project functionality for each room or area. An extensive set of project drawings are created that show graphically.

Our engineering team will plan and produce documents and drawings for the installation of the technical solutions to not only meet client needs, but ensure reliability and ease of use.

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