IPXCOM Cyber Security

Better threat intelligence with automation

IPXCOM follows The Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

IPXCOM follows The Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

IPX - Cyber Security

IPXCOM Network security — Securing internal networks against unauthorized access, with tools like remote access management and two-factor authentication (2FA) IPXCOM Application security — Preventing data and code in business-critical software (both in use and in development) from being stolen or hijacked, such as with penetration testing and encryption IPXCOM Ransomware Prevention and Recovery Secure Backup is your last line of Defense IPXCOM User education — Teaching employees and customers best practices for avoiding cyberthreats, such as malware and phishing attacks IPXCOM Network Operations Center — Installs and Supports Shell, Lagos State, CONSOL and over 240 United Nations/Hughes CTBTO Sites

Better threat intelligence with automation

Good threat intelligence requires relevant context on the risks facing your organization.

Threat intelligence is critical, given how much more data is produced, stored and shared, and given the sophistication of persistent threat actors looking to turn your data into their financial gain.

Your security analysts can only do so much. They need help, which is possible through automation. Humans are best at hunting for real attacks and chasing down the attackers, while machines are great at repetitive, high-volume tasks. But you want to have the right tools to complement your human workforce. For this particular task, extended detection and response (XDR) is the right tool.

With our XDR solutions, the analysis and triage of security data is automated with a level of depth and consistency unmatched by human analysis. Its intelligent decision engine provides built-in reasoning and judgement to make faster and better decisions.

Data Theft Detection

Detect late stage attacks by identifying when data is being exfiltered to suspicious destinations using advance machine learning and statistical anomaly detection.

Entity Analytics and IoT Monitoring

Monitor all devices accross your network. Use behavioral baselining to detect unusual data flow destinations and login behaviors.

Compromised VPN Account Detection

Detect compromised behavior using models of login times and locations as well as login host-names for users withing a network.

Credential Abuse

Identify abnormal user account creations, privilege escalations and geographically infeasible logins which may indicative of account abuse.

User Behavior Monitoring

Detect insider threats and automatically generate reports to meet data compliance standards including PCI and HIPAA.

Misconfiguration Detection

Automatically notify your analysis when security devices go silent. Detect thisrd party cloud misconfigurations that can be exploited by attackers.

Automated Defense

Lighten your Security Analyst’s Workload with Automated Defense for Better Threat Detection

How much time do you and your cyber security team spend chasing false alerts or maintaining security controls?

Automated Defense is the software-based analytics engine within the IPXCOM Solution Set that combines human reasoning with machine power AI to make complex decisions consistently. It is an XDR engine that provides analytics and automated decision-making for a greater Automated Defense includes security controls and data repositories, and threat intelligence. Automated Defense includes:

  • Built-In security expertise collected from incident sensors world wide
  • Client-specific threat intelligence
  • The ability to process millions of alerts in real-time
  • Enterprise-scale at machine speed
  • 100% consistency without human bias or fatigue
  • Continuous learning and adaptability

Automated Defense automatically monitors your cybersecurity alerts 24×7 and analyzes, reasons, and makes decisions about whether alerts are malicious and actionable. Scalable to any environment, Automated Defense applies consistent, in-depth analysis (often reviewing 60+ facts) without bias or fatigue when making decisions on escalating incidents for remediation.

Automated Defense delivered through the Intel World Wide Grid and applies data science models to find real incidents at machine speed.

Simplify security operations by delivering detection and response capabilities at scale with a software-as-a-service solution that does not require you to write rules or playbooks. Your firm will be using the most up to date threat detection models updated every minute. System protects outside in and inside out threats.

Managed Penetration Testing

Proven managed penetration services

Our proven managed penetration services are comprehensive in scope and provide you with the clear remediation steps, compliance direction and peace of mind you need to secure and grow your business. IPXCOM can learn a lot by just understanding your current cybersecurity and how to strengthen those practices.

We work alongside your current security and/or IT staff to manage and resolve security vulnerabilities throughout the full security lifecycle.

Technology Driven

Our testing platform automates reporting allowing our penetration testers to spend more time testing as well as escalating vulnerabilities in near real time as they are found.

Full Scope

The attackers aren’t limited to scope and will target your entire IT infrastructure. We test your entire technology stack and all assets.

Continuous Testing

By using unique automation and a manual red team approach we deliver a realistic attack & penetration testing. Networks, applications, and configurations are constantly changing

Detection & Response

Not just actionable vulnerabilities – we test your internal security team or your MSSPs ability to detect and respond to malicious activity and traffic.

Remediation Focused

Remediation validation testing is naturally included in our continuous testing approach. Be confident you fixed your vulnerabilities.

Meet Compliance

Our methodology and approach meets the rigors of PCI and vendor risk management compliance.

External Perspective

We start with testing your internet facing perimeter – attackers and bots are constantly scanning the internet.

Threat Simulation

Attackers are leveraging phishing emails to gain a foothold from within – you have to make sure you identify and remove all internal vulnerabilities to stop their movement.

Network Layer

We include the network layer because it’s still important and is the backbone of your infrastructure.

Application Layer

Web applications are particularly vulnerable. Web apps are exposed to the Internet 24/7, accessible from anywhere in the world, and contain sensitive database information.

Cloud Layer

The cloud is here, and likely hosting critical services such as email and other applications. We validate that your cloud service is properly hardened and secure.

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