Digital Customer Engagement

A Complete Digital Customer Engagement Solution Natively Integrated with Microsoft Teams .

Digital Customer Engagement – Call Route, Call Queue, Engage, Analyze and Report on every Customer Interaction.

A Native Microsoft Teams Solution

CoreInteract adds complete Digital Customer Engagement capabilities to Microsoft Teams by converging all channels of communication – Phone Calls, SMS, Email, and Web Chat into a single, native Teams application. CoreInteract enables any employee to communicate with any customer using any communications channel.

What is Digital Customer Engagement and Why is it Important?

Digital customer engagement is the process of interacting with customers via their preferred communications channels.

Today’s customers demand seamless and consistent experiences across all communications channels. They expect companies to respond quickly regardless of the communications channel.

To meet the expectations of these new digital first customers, companies must equip employees with the proper tools to interact with customers using the channels of communication they prefer.

Take Control of your Customer's Experience

The Corelnteract platform Routes and Queues any customer request(phone calls, SMS , Email and Web Chat), intelligently delivering requests to the best available employee via the CoreEngage native Teams application. Each interation can further be analyzed for sentiment and Keywords, Whole comprehensive real-time and historical performance reporting ensures KPIs are being met.

Simple, Powerful Administration

The intuitive CoreInteract menu driven interface makes it a snap for line of business managers to set their own departmental distribution rules, create customer workflows and generate Power BI reports in order to proactively manage employee and workgroup performance.

CoreInteract’s drag and drop graphical workflow builder enables custom workflows, such as Priority Customer routing, CRM screen pops, transfer to an after-hours answering service and more, to be created in minutes without the need for computer programming skills.

Reporting Analytics

CoreInteract includes standard Power BI reports for Agent Analytics, Workgroup Analytics and Call Volume by time of day, providing managers and supervisors important insights into employee and departmental performance.

Real-time Performance Reporting

Workgroup Insights is a native Teams app providing management with proactive insights on key customer service level metrics, workgroup performance details and employee activity statistics.

Real-time displays include:

  • Workgroup member login status

  • Workgroup performance statistics with user defined threshold alerts

  • Interaction volume trend report

  • Workgroup member real-time activity

Digital Customer Engagement, Redefined

Most Digital Customer Engagement products are built on proprietary platforms with little or no integration to the corporate phone system. CoreEngage is a native Teams application that supports all communications channels (Phone Calls, SMS, Email, Web Chat) plus CRM screen pop, all within Microsoft Teams.

Converge all Media into a single native Teams app native Teams app

  1. In app Notify/Accept Phone Calls, SMS, Email and Web Chat

  2. Embedded Power Apps provides screen pops for 500+ CRM and other application

  3. Users can participate in a single or multiple Workgroups

  4. View Complete History of all Conversations with the Customer

  5. Real-time Status and Activity of each Workgroup Member

CoreInteract, along with CoreEngage and Workgroup Insights, is a complete Digital Customer Engagement platform natively integrated with Microsoft Teams. Converging all communications channels into a single Teams interface enables organizations to provide a consistent customer experience, regardless of the communications channel. Employee productivity is further enhanced by avoiding the need to switch between applications to manage customer requests.

Digital Customer Engagement for Microsoft Teams

CoreInteract leverages the capabilities of Microsoft Teams to deliver a world class digital customer engagement solution all within the Teams experience.

Here are just a few of the ways our customers benefit from CoreInteract:

  • Fosters customer relationships by enabling customers to communicate using their preferred communications channels.

  • Improves customer service by routing customer requests to the right person, right away – regardless of channel.

  • Improves employee productivity by providing a single 360o view of the customer, eliminating application switching.

  • Leverages your existing CRM solution to enable employees to deliver a more personalized engagement with the customer.

  • Delivers actionable management insights into workgroup and employee performance with real-time and historical reporting.

Deployment, Customization and Support Services

Having nine Microsoft Gold competencies, our technical team is well versed in the Microsoft technology stack. We work with your project team or Microsoft partner to ensure that we start with the right requirements and finish with the right results for all of your Microsoft 365 needs.

Our suite of end-to-end services include:

  • Teams (and M365) assessment and migration

  • Custom integration and development

  • Project planning and management

  • Deployment of Teams and Altigen solutions

  • Ongoing support (Level 1, 2 and 3)

  • Altigen Academy (on demand M365 user training)

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