IPX Consulting Service

IPXCOM Provides Certified Data and Engineering Professionals

IPXCOM installs & supports IT & Telecom installations in the USA and in over 100 countries globally

IPX - Consulting Service

  • Enterprise Satellite Networks
  • Information Systems and IT Management
  • Cyber Security & Fast Network Recovery
  • Data Centers
  • Cloud Computing
  • Installation & Support for Microsoft Teams & Advanced
  • Workflow and Telephony
  • Network Operations Centers for 24x7x365 Support
  • Fiber Backbone Network Equipment
  • IPX WASTON Business & Data Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Architecture

Consulting Service

Get on-demand expertise to better facilitate your oil, gas, IT & Telecom business. Elevate your desired results, inject proven project management, purchase new innovative products, develop new processes and train your people, to reach new heights with IPX as your service provider.

From meeting almost impossible requirements to install equipment in jungles, war zones, do not travel locations, targeting key market oil and gas or telecom opportunities, and streamlining and delivering best practices, IPX’s diverse range of consulting services can enhance your business.

Our expertise in engineering, oil field knowledge, procurement and delivery of large equipment orders, supply chain management, warehousing, new technology, regulatory compliance and project facilitation can bring your company, state of the art technology by people who know how to use it.

In many types of industry experience, oil and gas, minerals development, military, government, health, port security, cyber security, our consultancy services can halt issues before they become problems, provide innovative solutions to complex issues, suggest processes and procedures for optimized efficiency, and are proactive in helping to manage and assess risks and hazards.

From short terms to long term contracts, IPX can inject our subject matter experts within your staff to finish critical path projects and keep them on time and under budget.

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