Advanced Direct Routing for Microsoft Team

International Direct Routing

IPXCOM and Altigen Offer as Teams Solutions


Direct Routing with Altigen

  • Altigen’s Advanced Direct Routing
  • Altigen’s Teams Portal Trunks (Direct Routing)

Analytics with Altigen’s Direct Routing

  • CLOBBA RT reports on all Team’s activities
  • End to End Analytics with CLOBBA RT

Altigen Teams Solutions Demo

  • 100K level of the Teams Portal
  • 100K level of CLOBBA

Altigen’s CoreInteract Solution for Teams

  • Customer Engagement Solution
  • Built on Microsoft Bots

Altigen Corporate Overview

Develop Enhanced Communications Solutions for Microsoft Teams

  • SIP Trunks / Direct Routing
  • Auto Attendant / Intelligent Call Routing
  • Departmental and Corporate Omni-channel Contact Center

Microsoft Unified Communications Solutions Experts

  • Developing Microsoft UC Solutions for 20 years
  • Over 250,000 VoIP end-points Deployed
  • More than 20,000 Cloud Communications Subscribers Deployed

Complete, End-to-End Managed Services Provider

  • Planning, Migration and Support Services
  • Integrated SIP Trunks(Direct Routing)
  • Integrated Applications and Customization Services

What does IPXCOM and Altigen Offer as Teams Solutions?

  • Direct Routing through Azure (we will work with Calling Plans if that is what the customer needs)
  • International Direct Routing
  • Teams Phone System Design, Deployment and Maintenance
  • Teams Phone System Support via our Tech Support (online video tutorial can be added to help transition to Teams)
  • Analytics and Reporting for Teams Phone System
  • Analytics and Reporting for Teams Calls Queues
  • CoreInteract-Customer Engagement Solution built on the Microsoft bots
  • FrontStage-formal Contact Center Solution built in Azure
  • Custom Development and Professional Services

Direct Routing / Calling Plans

Provision PSTN Service

  • Microsoft Calling Plans
  • Voice for Teams SIP Trunks (Direct Routing)
  • Existing carrier T1/ E1 with certified on-premise SBC (Direct Routing)

Migration, Configuration and Setup

  • Conduct VoIP assessment (if new to VoIP)
  • Manage number ports
  • Configure / set up Auto Attendant
  • Configure dial plans
  • Set up users

Advanced Applications Configuration and Set Up

  • Intelligent Call Router
  • CoreInteract, FrontStage, Call Recording, etc.
  • Test and validate entire solution

Direct Routing for Teams Phone System

Altigen Advantages

  • Delivered as a Fully Managed and Supported Service
  • Enables Critical Enterprise Call Routing and Queuing Capabilities

Direct Routing Overview

  • Certified for Teams Phone System
    • Connected to Ribbon SBCs in Azure
  • Simple Provisioning & Management
    • Provisioning Portal
  • Leverage Cloud Attendant
    • For all Teams AA Requirements
  • Flexible Routing Capabilities
    • Cloud Attendant, User or Workgroup

Confidential: Not for Distribution

Easy-to-Use Management Portal

Altigen’s  Advanced Direct Routing

  • Integration via GRAPH APIs/ Scripting
  • Telephone Number Porting
  • Direct Routing Provisioning:
    • Users, AA, Call
  • DID # Management
  • Multiple DID # Support per User
  • User Management
  • Extension Configurations, etc.

Simple Administration : Number Management

  1. Easily add New Numbers

  2. Overview of Number Assignments

Simple Administration: Ordering New Numbers

  1. Select Area Code and City

Simple Administration: Ordering New Numbers

  1. View and Select Available DID’s

Altigen Direct Routing Summary

A Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Solution to Ensure Quality

  • Saves Your Company Time and Money
  • Provides Easy to Use Tools for Configuration and Management (no technical expertise required)

  • Ensures Quality by Helping to Identify and Quickly Resolve Issues

  • Offers Insight into Call, Video Conferencing, IM and Application Sharing Usage by Groups and Users

  • Enables Accountability through Historical Reporting and Alerting

  • Includes Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Capability Compared to Other Direct Routing Services

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