Baghdad Iraq

IPX delivers business solutions in Iraq

Telecom and IT Installations in Iraq supporting troops in Baghdad Iraq

Business Solutions in Iraq

  • IPX established Telecom and IT Installations in Iraq supporting our troops in Baghdad in 2004.

  • IPX was among the first of the Telecom companies to established solutions in Iraq.

  • IPX has established itself as a credible partner for foreign companies seeking IT and Telecom and Project Management

  • IPX delivers boots on-the-ground support and program management in over 100 countries today

  • IPX has expanded its offering to deliver complimentary services and we now provide our global clients with services in logistics, security, manpower, life support, media communications, and in-country consultancy.

IPX’s reputation and solid service past performance has allowed us to achieve successful foreign and domestic business opportunities and maintain relationships with local partners and Fortune 500 businesses alike.


  • The Sandi Group

  • Parsons

  • Luis Berger Group

  • US Air Force

  • Lucent Technologies

  • Baghdad Television Station

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