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Anywhere Services

IPXCOM will install and support one platform, that will help your organization be successful with Microsoft Teams and supercharge your contact center and phone systems.

IPX provides end-to-end voice, data and telecommunication services anywhere… even in the most remote places, and under the most difficult conditions.

We connect people and the enterprise simply anywhere with cost effective voice and data communications systems.

Cyber Security

Good threat intelligence requires relevant context on the risks facing your organization. Threat intelligence is critical, given how much more data is produced, stored and shared, and given the sophistication of persistent threat actors looking to turn your data into their financial gain.

Your security analysts can only do so much. They need help, which is possible through automation. Humans are best at hunting for real attacks and chasing down the attackers, while machines are great at repetitive, high-volume tasks..

System Integration

CTBTO and the international partnership Hughes Networks signed a $70 million contract to establish the global communications infrastructure for verifying compliance with the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)

IPX was one of the top Systems Integrators for Northrop Grumman. IPX won top systems integrator from Northrop and competed with over 3000 Northrop Contractors. 

Telecommunication Services

IPXCOM since 1996 provided Voice Over IP Services that really worked. Baku to London to Houston, Iraq, Africa, Far East – crystal clear VOIP via satellite

Voice and Minutes LD Calling for Microsoft Teams, Call Centers and Call Terminations

Lawful Intercept and Content Filtering

IPXCOM is a global specialist in the provision of Fiber, VSAT and Broadband Networks

IPXNOC is a 24x7x365 Support Portal for Global and Domestic Projects

Special Projects

A sound installation artist, trained in both classical music composition and visual arts, his works are featured in public, museum, gallery and alternate sites.

Jeff Talman’s, Along The Watch – Created with globally collected CTBTO data. Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation

Geoscience Services

Based in Houston Texas, IPX is a Geoscientist oriented firm. We convert Geoscience knowledge into technical solutions applied to IT and Telecom, SCADA, and other Field Support functions.

IPX personnel plan and carry out field studies, in which they visit locations to collect samples and conduct surveys, analyze aerial photographs, well logs (detailed records of geologic formations found during drilling), rock samples, and other data sources to locate deposits of natural resources and estimate their size, conduct laboratory tests on samples collected in the field and prepare written scientific reports.

IPX Consulting Service

IPXCOM Provides Certified Data and Engineering Professionals

– Enterprise Satellite Networks
– Information Systems and IT Management
– Cyber Security & Fast Network Recovery
– Data Centers
– Cloud Computing
– Installation & Support for Microsoft Teams
– CRM Workflow and Telephony 

Network Operations Center

The IPX Network Operations Center (NOC) is a centralized location where IPX IT and Telecom Teams can continuously monitor the performance and health of our customers network. IPX dispatches over 100 IT and System Engineers from our Houston NOC.

The NOC serves as the first line of defense against network disruptions and failures.

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