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Altigen Communications Microsoft Teams and Call Centers.

A solution designed to address the full spectrum of enterprise communications, and for use by any customer. CoreInteract is a complete Enterprise Customer Engagement platform designed for Microsoft Teams Phone System. 

Altigen’s CoreInteract – Microsoft Teams and Call Centers. 

Easily Configure and Manage Routing Rules

CoreInteract is a flexible, powerful, easy to use platform which improves Customer Engagement capabilities.
It automatically routes Customers to the desired department, connecting them to the best available person to handle each Customer interaction.

Create Advanced Custom Routing Rules

CoreInteract’s Workflow Builder provides a powerful, easy to use graphical drag and drop interface to create custom routing rules based on your unique workflow requirements.

Simplified Distribution & Queue Management

CoreInteract is designed for line of business owners to manage their workgroups according to their business objectives. It enables managers to determine how customer interactions are distributed to workgroup members – and how interactions are handled in the event everyone is busy.

Engage with Customers in the Teams App or in your favorite CRM / ERM System

As a natively integrated Teams application, CoreInteract increases employee productivity by delivering all customer requests into a single desktop application – either Microsoft Teams or your corporate CRM/ERM system – whichever best meets your unique business requirements.

Actionable Insights for your Customer Interactions

CoreInteract utilizes Azure Cognitive Services to provide insight into your enterprise customer interactions. Instead of a manager having to monitor conversations to ensure quality and adherence to company objectives, CoreInteract automatically performs these tasks – then reports on outcomes for managers to investigate.

Real-Time and Historical Management Reporting

80% of all customer interactions occur at the enterprise level – outside of the corporate contact center. Yet, most companies have little visibility into their enterprise customer engagement interactions.

CoreInteract’s real-time and historical reporting enables line of business managers to fully understand what is happening at the point of customer engagement – so they can maximize each opportunity to improve sales, service and support.

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